Kentima SA has been active in the art of embroidery since 1979 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

In 1993, Kentima SA responded to a request from one of the Holy Monasteries on Mount Athos to make an embroidered copy of an icon found inside this specific monastrery of Sts Peter and Paul.

Kentima sa in stiches magazine

Kentima’s efforts were successful and in result, were recognized in a way that became known worldwide.

Many of our embroidered items, mainly icons, have been included in exhibitions, magazines and papers, as works of Byzantine Art.

By first using pioneering methods, Kentima continues to this day to address the ecclesiastical needs of the Orthodox Church and tradition.

With consistency, dedication and perseverance, we strive to achieve what the older methods of embroidery created without the use of technology.

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Kentima SA is well equipped with a team of experienced iconographers and designers with theological and technical knowledge to support our tireless efforts.

Together working as a big family, our staff is equiped with the “know-how” to participate in all the productive aspects of Kentima SA.

With the confidence and love of our clients, Kentima has successfult became the largest most dynamic company in the field of ecclesiastical embroidery.

We will continue, with the help of God, to serve the Orthodox Church with all our might.

Thank you!

Sincerely yours

Kentima SA


Romanos Chrysochoidis